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Upon successful registration, you can set automatic search queries and email alerts.

Home Address

Auction events are searched based on geographical coordinates, longitude and latitude. Searches are matched when your home address falls within the marketing area of the auction event.

Required Information & Privacy

There are just a fiew basic pieces of information that are required for registration. Email address is the most important because it becomes your login username and primary source of contact. This information is considered confidential and will not be distributed to any 3rd party for the purpose of mass marketing.

Public Auction Identification

Most public auctions require photo identification and registration prior to accepting bids. Auction has options for entering your information which is used for auction registration. Some auction houses require prior on-site verification for this feature to be enabled. You can edit registration information on the session dashboard upon successful log in.


Auction does not send unsolicited email messages (a.k.a. spam). Newsletter and event bulletins are by subscription only. Account settings provide additional control for when auction event listings are emailed.


Auction website is entirely server based and does not use cookies or any other method for storing information on user devices.

Legal Obligations is an auction event database and auction salebill distribution network. Legal jurisdiction and governing regulations are based on the locale and physical location of the auction. Final bidding procedures and policies are set by the auction house where auctioneers typically have the final say on all auction related matters.

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