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Auction Sale Bills vs Auction Fliers

The difference between an auction flier and an auction sale bill is that the sale bill includes information about the items being auctioned. It's the auction going public that prefers sale bills because it quickly gives them an idea of what is being auction. It's what grabs the most amount of attention which is the entire purpose of marketing or even conducting an auction. Sale bills are event oriented and the first step in conducting a public auction.

The Unlimited Marketplace

In recent past auctioneers and auction houses would build networks, place classified advertisements in newspapers, direct mail and post sale bills on local bulletin boards. The Internet is simply an extension of those marketing methods except now the marketplace is unlimited. You're basically transferring the medium to electronic format and publishing it online. The advantage is the ultra low cost to reach more buyers.

The best sale bill format

Electronic format is a bit of a misnomer because what you are really referring to is file type or data format. Sale bills can be any number of file types including: html web pages, word doc, Powerpoint, .pdf, spreadsheet, xml file or even a raw text file. Perhaps the most effective method is a simple .jpg or raster image with a thumbnail. This is the good approach because it is more in keeping with the way the internet works and how browsers display content.

Sale bill templates

If you are going to be a successful auctioneer or auction house you simply have to build a library of sale bill templates. You're sunk otherwise. It's essential to select a platform and have the ability to create .pdf copy of your auction sale bill. This is what enables you to tap into the vast marketing potential of the Internet without consuming your time and profit in creating marketing materials. The first step is to create the sale bill template, then you can copy-edit over and over again. After that it's just a matter of using social media and auction services like to distribute your sale bill and essentially do your marketing.


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