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Locating Public Auctions

The primary purpose of Auction is to advertise and market public auctions. The goal is matching people interested in attending public auctions with the auction events within their local area. The operation is a process of using a robotic web crawler to aggregate auction event information into a searchable database. The primary method is patrons of the website searching the database for auction information provided in a salebill format or links to auctioneer's website.

Salebills Databases

The website itself is essentially a database interface. On a secure server connected to the internet is a group of data tables for auction events, auction professionals (auction houses) and user registration. The users Internet browser is the human interface for the data.

Searchable Fields in Database
 MNE  Meta NameContent
bn business-name Auction House or Auctioneer's Name
sa search-area 3 pairs of GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude)
st region Region, State, Providence or Territory
ct locality City or geographical area
zc postal-code 5 digit zip code or mailing postal code
eq event-qty Number of current auction events

Geo locating is one of the unique features of the website. Because location is such an important factor in public auctions, each record in the database has latitude and longitude coordinates. This is the primary engine for defining market areas which is used to match users to auction events.

How searches work.

Every spot on earth has a specific latitude and longitude coordinate. By selecting two sets of coordinates you can define a rectangular area, like a window. One coordinate becomes the lower-left (Southwest) corner and the other becomes the upper-right (Northeast) corner of the area. Then a simple mathematical query determines if the auction event coordinate falls within that area or vice versa.

The database query works like is, If latitude is greater than Southwest latitude and less than Northeast latitude and longitude is greater than Southwest longitude and longitude is less than Northeast longitude then the coordinate falls within the area. The actual SQL search query looks like this, WHERE y0 > y1 AND y0 < y2 AND x0 > x1 and x0 < x2. In this query y = lattitude, x = longitude, 0 = specific location coordinate, 1 = Southwest coordinate and 2 = Northeast coordinate.

In terms of matching auction events to users it can work two ways, a user can enter a rectangular search area and all public auctions that fall within that area are matched or in reverse where a specific search coordinate falls within the market area of the auction event.

The advantage of using this system is there are no artificial boundaries such as city, states or zip codes which are typically used by other auction websites. It narrows the search results which prevents reading through auction events that are not located in the area you are interested. For United States and Canada auction events can also be located simply by clicking on geographically scaled maps.

Auction Professionals Database

The website provides search access to the auction professionals database. This database contains basic information for auctioneers, auction houses and other auction services from around the world. Similar to the events database, all records in the tables have geo coordinates that allow matching patrons with auction professionals. Three pair GPS coordinates for auction house include the specific location of the business and the market area, for the events database the secific location is for the auction event address and the market area as it relates to the auction event. There is no charge for auction professionals to be included in this database but are subject to review and approval by website administrators.

Auctioneer / Auction House Classes
 Class  Participation Level
A Have profile with website and contact information with links
to salebills or website link to auction events index page.
B Have profile with website URL with searchable location.
C Have business name, email, phone or mailing address.
D Deleted by request of the Auction House or Auctioneer
E Error verifying main site URL or broken link
F Permanently removed, unverified, closed or none operational auction business.

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